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Karuna Home is a rehabilitation and residential center catering mainly to the young, physically and/or mentally disabled, of Tibetan refugee parents in India.

We are located in South India near large Tibetan refugee settlements and major Tibetan monasteries. Although the majority of the disabled residents are from South India, a few have come from North India whilst yet a few others are of Indian origin from the surrounding neighborhood.
The range of disabilities, impairments or handicaps arise from autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, polio, Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy.

A voluntary Board of Trustees governs Karuna Home under the leadership of our President and Founder, Geshe Lama Khube Rinpoche who oversees our strategy and daily operations. Principally Geshe Jangchup Phelgye and a team of dedicated Tibetans, both salaried and volunteers, who fill the roles of teachers, caregivers, supervisors and cooks, assist him.

Karuna Home is in fulfillment of the wish of our President and Founder who, in his previous incarnation, had dedicated himself to looking after the disabled in Tibet.