How you can help

1. Be a Volunteer

Volunteering is sharing either your time, skills, knowledge, effort to help those less fortunate than yourself. Whether you are able to volunteer on a regular basis or an ad hoc basis, there are many opportunities at Karuna Home, India for

  • Physiotherapists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Educationists for special needs children
  • Occupational therapists

Volunteering is meaningful. Please apply to our President and Founder by completing the Volunteer Application Form

You can also volunteer in your own country either as an individual or form a group to organize and execute fundraising events

2. Be a Sponsor

You can sponsor the entire cost or a portion of the cost of one child’s stay at Karuna for one month, six months or one year. The entire cost is 80 Euros per month, a portion would be 35 Euros per month.

However, you may also choose to sponsor any amount. We only ask that you not direct your sponsorship to any specific child as the length of stay for each child would be dependent on the gravity and nature of his/her problem and the financial situation of the family.

For payment methods, please go to Payments Methods

3. Be a Donor

For us to sustain our development program and to be able to introduce more beneficial and relevant therapies at Karuna Home, we need your help.

We appreciate any amount of donation which will be used 100% to help us help the disabled.

For payment methods, please go to Payments Methods

4. Help to spread the news of Karuna Home

Link your website to ours or insert a footer to your emails with our web address.

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