Inauguration by His Holiness

His Holiness at Karuna Home on Inauguration Day

Karuna Home was inaugurated and blessed by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama on 3rd December 2004.

His Holiness, who had given the Tibetan name PHEN DEY GA TSAL to Karuna Home on 13 July 2000, was welcomed by a large crowd comprising Tibetan monks and lay people as well as local and overseas volunteers and the disabled.

He toured the premises, accepted the mandala from our President and Founder, Lama Khube Rinpoche, blessed the volunteers with kartas, spoke to the disabled and the assembly and took group photographs with the volunteers and disabled.

His Holiness left an indelible imprint on our minds to try our best to provide welfare care to the needy in the most compassionate way.