Children Progress By Leaps and Bounds

The emotional progress of the children at Karuna Home is nothing short of phenomenal! When they first arrived, most of them were either withdrawn or given to frequent bouts of rage. Today, all of them have emerged from their shells in one way or another and are happier, more confident kids, interacting well with one another as well as with adults. Jorgel (seen in picture below with Kim, my husband) is an exemplary example. He used to angrily break off the tops of plants and get into fights with other children. Now he is a well-adjusted, friendly and happy boy.


[Top] Jorgyal with Kim  [Left] Dr. Tsephel la with Dahla [Right] Dahla offers Karta to me

Their happier state of mind has also had an impact on their health, with a decrease in the frequency of common colds and coughs and epileptic fits. Their improved health could also be attributed to their twice daily dose of Tibetan medicine prescribed by Dr Tenzin Tsephel from the Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute.

The children’s physical progress is also awesome! When I first met Kunsang in 2004, she could hardly sit up without assistance and had great difficulty swallowing.. Today, she is walking with the help of a frame and even on her own for short distances! It is hard to believe she is the same person.

Kunsang when she first arrived and her now.


I have also noticed that the children have made great strides in the area of basic skills such as grooming and eating, all of which have increased their level of independence and given them more dignity and confidence. It is very rewarding to be a volunteer in Karuna Home when one sees the happiness on the faces of the children! Come join me! Should you need more information on the care and rehabilitation of each child, please refer to the category “Residents”.