Tenzin Tsewang



Date of Birth

Date of Arrival

Blood Group

Tenzin Tsewang


27th December 2001

16th April 2010

O +ve


Left hemiparesis with epilepsy

Medical History

Left Hemiplegia due to an injury (at 9 months old)
Craniotomy in May 2002 (at 1 years old)
Cranioplasty surgery in October 2008
NCCT of head (17.5.2008) :

Right hemispheric infart involving frontal, parietal, temporal an occipital lobe and basal ganglion.
Thalami are separated. Thinning of right cerebral pendulum.

EEG (21/04/2010):

Abnormality in the form of epileptiform discharges arising form the Left Frontotemporal region and generalizing with depression of activity on the Right suggestive of a secondarily generalized localization related epilepsy with right Hemispheric dysfunction.


He has Cerebral palsy (hemi pelage).

Tenzin Tsewang’s main problem is Drooling, Poor integration of the 2 sides of the body; poor use of both hands together, Problems of body perception, altered balance and Problems of body perception.