Tsering Dorjee

Tsering Dorjee

Tsering Dorjee



Date of Birth

Date of Arrival

Blood Group

Tsering Dorjee


11th July 2001

2nd March 2005

B +ve


Cerebral palsy with right hemiplegia, atrophy of optical nerve (completely blind), mental retardation  and epilepsy.

Medical History

Cranial CT (03/08/2002):

Prominent cisternal spaces, sylvian fissures and cortical sulci are seen suggestive of cerebral athrophy.

EEG (27/09/2006):

Evidence of  biemispheric dysfunction with frequent bursts of generalized epileptiform discharges which is suggestive of a global epileptic encephalopathy.


He is Cerebral Palsy with right hemiplegia & atrophy of optical nerve (blind).

Dorjee main problem is very poor interaction with people and objects near him, poor balance in walking and in standing, not safe postural passage and with poor control.